We want to open gates to other cultures!

GATE is a German organisation and wants to establish anthropological perspectives and ideas within the tourism industry. In particular, we are striving to create social relations between tourists and local communities which are beneficial and satisfying to both sides. In other words, tourism that corresponds with anthropological concepts!

What are the aims GATE wishes to achieve?

Our work is focused on the enhancement of intercultural communication: With regard to tourism, GATE wishes to act as a facilitator between different cultures by:

  • fostering an understanding of other cultures among tourists,
  • acting as advisers for people living in tourist destinations (at their request),
  • identifying existing and potential problems caused by tourism and by working on sustainable solutions.

A holistic approach always founds the basis for our work. While developing or improving tourism projects and structures, all aspects of the local culture in the tourist destinations must be taken into consideration. Furthermore, local people should have the opportunity to participate in, and have their interests taken into account, at all stages of each and every tourism project.

The work of GATE starts here – what we offer:

Here are some examples of our ideas in practice:

  • Carrying out qualitative research studies of tourism projects in tourist destinations. This is in order to evaluate the possible benefits as well as problems and risks to local people and tourists.
  • Offering internet and literature research to various subjects in tourism.
  • Giving introductory and explanatory lectures and seminars for tourists before their holiday and providing opportunities for feedback after it.
  • Organising workshops for those professionals who bridge the cultural divide such as guides, travel and guide book writers.
  • Collaborating on the information provided in the brochures and catalogues of tour-operators.
  • Being a contact organisation and publicity network for existing alternative tourism projects and groups in tourist destinations.
  • Setting up an information and publicity network for existing alternative tourism projects and groups in tourist destinations.
  • Providing a data bank of anthropologists and their work as well as a data bank of companies co-operating with GATE in order to assist with placing anthropologists within the tourism industry.
  • Giving lectures and seminars at universities on tourism issues.

Our members have the necessary qualifications for these tasks:

  • We have the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to carry out meaningful qualitative research in a multitude of diverse cultures.
  • We study the insights and perceptions of other cultures and we disseminate this knowledge.
  • We are trained in the field of intercultural communication which involves the bridging of cultural gaps.
  • We are able to analyse complex cultural contexts and roots of conflicts.
  • We have well-founded knowledge of individual societies and about specific countries.
  • We speak various European as well as non-European languages.
  • We have experienced long-term stays abroad, on all continents.
  • We are qualified tourism experts with years of working experience in the industry.

About the formation of GATE:

GATE e.V. was founded in 1995 in Hamburg, Germany. It is registered in the German ‚Vereinsregister‘ (registry of associations) as a non-profit making organisation.
The basis for the foundation of GATE was laid 1994 in Göttingen, at a seminar on ‚Anthropology and Tourism‘. In the same year, anthropology students formed a regular working group on tourism in Hamburg. Amongst their activities, they created an introductory seminar on ‚Anthropology and Tourism‘ at the Department of Anthropology in Hamburg. Since 1996, GATE has exhibited at the ITB in Berlin. Thereby, it has successfully formed links with the tourism industry which have resulted in many joint projects.
Today, members of GATE are students of anthropology as well as trained anthropologists from all over Germany. Our members work in different fields of the tourism industry and/or are concerned with the academic discourse on anthropology and tourism.